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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Episode 5 - The Sexiest Sex Songs pt. 1

The Sexiest Sex Songs pt. 2 will be cumming soon........... but in the mean time, sit back and relax or sit up erect and enjoy part 1.

Anytime,Anyplace – Janet

Imagin That – R.Kelly

The Greatest Sex – R.Kelly

How Does It Feel – D’Angelo

Speechless – Beyonce

Last Night – Az Yet

Nice & Slow – Usher

Get ready for Episode 6 Myspace! If you're a MYSPACE ARTIST, and you wanna want some free promotion contact me. Just send me a link to your myspace music page and ill contact you if you're hot. Sorry hip hop heads but only R&B artists here at the R and B Zone.

The "My Myspace Music" episode will be up in 3 wks and I can only fit a minimum of 7-8 songs on my podcast so hurry.

Download "The Sexiest Sex Songs pt.1"

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