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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Beyonce Law Suit for Copying "Kissing You"

Beyonce didn't get the rights to re-make or make a video to the song "Kissing You" by Des'Ree the british pop star.

Des'ree filed a lawsuit against Beyoncé on April 18, 2007 because Beyonce never got the proper clearance to use the song. Des'ree said the terms her team submitted to Beyonce for use of the song were not in agreement.

Beyonce's dumb ass totlly ignored the copyright law and recorded her own version and made a video. The terms stated Beyonce couldn't retitle the song or film a video using the track. Des'ree is seeking $150,000 in damages,(Damages for what,Bitch!) and trying to stop all types of distribution with her song which means taking the B-Day special edition album out of stores.

Des'ree - Kissing You

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