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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lil Mo and Jim Jones - Sometimes I on SOHH

It looks like Lil Mo is back! She lost maddd weight but her head is obviously still big. As she brags about herself and had to mention that Fabolous is her brother, she has yet to realize that she is not the best looking singer out there. And believe me when I say I'm not hatin,she can sing her ass off just like Fantaisa, im just speakin the obvious truth.


Glendell-The Art Master said...

Well, babygirl, she(Lil Mo) is down with my dawg Jim Jones. That's that south connection, right? I'm here in FL, so it's all good. She's just loving the South - you feel me? - it's all good. Hey, this blog is off the chain - you ain't playing, babygirl. You doin' it real big, keep it going. Oh yeah, you know Diddy is hanging around down here too. It's all good. I just love the South.
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Anonymous said...

Well baby girl i happen to be a fan and personally know Mo ......U R hating your not cute and your head defintely takes up that whole box that the picture is in ....but that was cute how u tried to clean up by saying that she could sing ..cause u not hating right....what talents do u better yet when was the last time u been on the tube

edward said...

OH and the "come back" she never left .........she is multitalented there for she must multitask stop hating all your life and step your blog site up is off the chain you need to sit back and take notes ....holla