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Monday, July 2, 2007

Mariah Carey and Bone Thugs - Lil Love Video

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Anonymous said...

hey ppl wat up jus wanted 2 say dat this video is awesome mimi adds the perfect touch to this video and the song is just amazing the chorus is awesome "can i get a lil bit of l.o.v.e can u spend a lil bit of dough on me can i get a lil bit of ur t.i.m.e if wanna" all the words are great i think dat this is the best song that bone thugs have done so far
mimi and bow wow should really work toget her on her next album hopefully shes here soon wit her music shes great shes my all time fave and hopefully she could come to my hometown and perform

Devante said...

What a cool Mariah Carey music video with Bone Thugs! This is such a hot Rap & Hip hop music video and is one of my favorite rap music videos at the moment. Mariah Carey is such an amazing singer.