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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Eamon Can Sing

I know you remember that song "F*ck it" from that guy with the winney voice. Brings back memories huh? Well he's back with another song and a new album. The song is called "How Could You(bring him home)". It's actually pretty good. If you listen to it, he can really sing.
When he was younger he used to travel with his father singing doo-wop, and finally emerged to doing his own thing, which was writing about his ex-girl and different hoes that did him dirty.
He calls it ho-wop. It's the flavor of hip-hop, the flavor of doo-wop, and hoes. The whole album is just him writing and saying what he feels and not holding back at all. In an interview with MTV he said "I was doing a lot of ho-wop type of stuff, and I didn't think it would really work. But then when I heard "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time" by R. Kelly, that sh-- is doo-wop. I was like, "Damn, so this sh-- really can work" Obviously it did.
He sold 4million singles of the song and he actually got a Festival Bar award in 2004 as the most successful international artist of the year. Not only that but he also holds a Guiness World Recod for the most explicit words in a #1 song for "F*uck It". He actually didnt do too bad.
Since he is reppin New York(staten island) i gotta give him some props for comming back with something good enough to maybe get him out of the one hit wonder status.
What's his relation with Wu-Tang? He's actually featured on Ghostface Killah's new album "More Fish" #16 Gotta Hold On feat Eamon produced by Anthony Acid.
New Album Love & Pain in Stores Now.
Hear "How Could You(bring him home) on episode 3 .

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