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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Return of the Last Dragon

Sisqo aka(Mark Durell Andrews) is back!

With his new single "Who's UR Daddy" and his new reality show that will be comming out soon he must really think he's the shit. Since everyone thinks he's gay, i think his reality show is just a way of trying to cover his homoness to save his long lost career. The show is called "Sexy6ixPack" this is where he finds girls to basically be his entourage and assist with his daily agenda. The girls will be judged on 6 categories to win and the prize is to be all up in Sisqo's ass like a thong.

Sisqo had some big balls back in the days when he started beef with R.Kelly, which didnt really last. Since 50cent has a rep for ruining careers, Sisqo needs to tuck his balls back and chill like when Usher was dissing the shit out of him on 106 and Park..
Don't get me wrong, i love DruHill but Sisqo really needs to get rid of the blonde hair. If your gonna make a come back, at least come back wit something different like when Busta came back wit a dark ceasar.

Sisqo came out with a Best Hits CD....... Why?
Yeah he had a few hits, let me stop hatin.

(Album Edited)
1. Got To Get It
2. Addicted
3. Thong Song
4. Your Love Is Incredible
5. It's All About Me
6. What You Want
7. Can I Live
8. Dream
9. Home Wrecker
10. Dance For Me
11. Unleash The Dragon
12. Incomplete

Let's see if he can out do himself when his new album releases in 2007.


Anonymous said...

sisqo has the best voice in the music industry !!!
he can outsing and outdance usher anyday so u just stfu!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you motherfucker you!!


Anonymous said...

hell yeah sisqo has a mad voice.. and if he is so shit like you say, why the hell did her get famous then?

if u have nothing nice to say, dont say it. fkn hater

Anonymous said...

man everybody wuzz off hiz dick!!!!!!!!!!tryna hang on dere now sum haten bitchez wanna talk dat talk!!!!!!!!!!!!c yall still on hiz dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!u wud get fcked up by a real sisqo #1fan!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't about Sisqo having "The Best" voice or "The Best" anything for that matter, but I'll admit I like his music a lot and condosider him an excellent performer and an awsome showman, please take into account that this is the humble opinion of someone that otherwise hates Hip-Hop and and most of R&B Music. But Sisqo in particular is that good an artist. Oh, and also, I agree with the comment that if you ain't got nothing but hate and derogatory crap to say, just please keep it to yourself. We all got enough with our own issues and stress to have to deal with anyone else's. I served in the army in my country (Not USA)and had the misfortune of killing lots of guys in combat and surviving to remember it, and believe me folks, it didn't feel good AT ALL. Hate, threats, macho ego bullcrap, and fighting, didn't ever get anyone anywhere positive nor productive, and it never will, let's just get along. Peace and God bless y'all !