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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ray J and Kim Sex Tape?

There is a rumor going around saying that Kim Kardashian and Ray J have a sex tape that should be releasing soon. Of course, if someone ask a woman about a sex take involving herself she is going to deny it whether she set up the video camera or not.

Kim Kardashian's so called new best friend Paris Hilton denied that there was a tape until it got release. Then she says Oh, yeah that is me suckin like a vacuum.

But on the Ray J tip, congratz to him! He's trying to go for something here. First superhead, now this? But i bet he would love for that tape to cum out so it can help out his career like the many other sex tape celebs. Not only that, he's probably doing it to get revenge on Kim for dumping him for Nick Lachey,(damn, what a transition) and at one point she was messin with Game. Who knows? But when i find the tape you betta be here.

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