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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Usher's New Group - One Chance

"This name really suits us," says Jon, "One Chance means we only have one life and this is our one dream and you've only got once chance to do it. We feel like all we need is one chance for people to hear us and they'll love us."

These Chicago boys got together 3 years ago and when they performed for Usher he was surprised to see that they were tight with their stuff.

Usher said "As a label owner, I want my artists to possess those same qualities. One Chance does. I have no doubt that these guys have what it takes to not only live up to the great R&B legends of the past, but to have the same kind of respect and longevity that many of those greats still enjoy today."

In an interview with Ejams, Jon said "the hardest challenge we faced to get us where we are today was the sacrifice. We literally had to sleep on floors and basically went days without eating." Courtney said, "Usher has taught us a lot of things with the music and the outside music. One of the most important things is character. You got to be humble no matter if you're in business, a sports player,a ball player or even the president of a label.".

Each guy in the group contributes an asset from themselves that really makes them hott. Courtney(21) is more like the quiet grown and sexy smooth brotha. Mike(22) is the guy in the group that will be the first to take his shirt off and go wild while performing on stage. Jon is the spokesman of the group, He's the gel that keeps everything together. He keeps their business tight and keeps them practicing and on stage. Jon(20) is the improviser and the one in the group who has the most hip hop flavor and Rob(19) is the young guy with the non-stop dancing, the poppin and lockin all over the stage.

One thing that set's them apart from other groups is that most of them are missing something. Some of them can dance but aren't that strong vocally or maybe they can sing but they're not solid entertainers but with this group they cover the whole spectrum. I don't think they are trying to be something that they are not They can really sing. Take away all the music, all the beats, you can even take away the microphones and you will hear natural voices blending in harmony. Hearing them sing for real' is the treat listeners get when they lend an ear to any of the songs featured on the group's debut CD.

The lead single, "Look At Her," featuring D4L's Fabo, serves up a refreshing new style called Snap & B. "It's something new we're trying," explains Courtney. I think One Chance is probably the first guy group to do this. The snap movement is really strong right now and it's already a trend so i think they just might make it in the music industry.

Go to Videos to see "Look At Her" feat. Fabo

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