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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today in Times Square

This year, Times Square is expected to have 1million people there. I will definitely not be there. For me, that is too big of a crowd to be in. But 1million people obviously don't mind. For some people its a tradition and for some people its a last minute idea brought up by your friend who's never sober.

Christina Aguilera will be performing on the ABC
Stage at Military Island. And Toni Braxton will both be performing "unbreak My Heart",""He Wasn't Man Enough For Me",then the Times Square revelers will join Toni singing “Another Sad Love Song” as the words appear on the giant Astrovision screens.You can go to almost every channel on TV and find the big crystal ball dropping to 07.

But after the ball drops everybody is gonna wanna party right? but where?
Here are a few of the hottest places that will have the hottest parties to end 06 with great memories.

For more info, visit: Whats Poppin.Net

If you're the type of person who accomplishes their New Years Eve resolution let me know what it is for 07. Mine is to stop procrastinating and just do it, and believe me when i say that's a challenge.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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